?DIGICON 2018: Where Experience Communes with Technology?

Technology dominatedDigiCon?s largest leg yet at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in a three-day event last October 3 to 5, 2018.

As the marketing industry quickly shifts to all things tech and digital, this year?s DigiCon explored and showcased what it truly means to maximize today?s technology and utilized innovation to design a meaningful experience for its audience.

Known as the gathering of marketing gurus and creative leaders, DigiConis an annual event purposely organized to provide a platform where people can define, figure out, navigate, and discuss everything in the digital realm.

This year, DigiCon stayed true to its essence by still placing technology at its forefront but this time, zeroing in on the customers, their experience, and the connections borne out of it.



?In this day and age, technology is often used to create convenience. Tech leaders constantly innovate existing solutions to make processes easier and faster?with easy and fast being the definition of a solution?s value.

Essentially, our efforts are heavily weighed to provide value for the user and their experience. However, this year, DigiCon went deeper than just using technology as a solution. Instead, it went beyond its technicalities and mediums to ?focus on creating an experience for the senses?.

This is translated through tech- driven activities and installations mounted in the event venue. These tangible structures were crafted in attempts to create a more meaningful connection by providing the opportunity to make memories and evoke emotions among those who were able to experience it.