August 27, 2017 ? Change is inevitable and so is technology. From the households, workplaces to society, technology has made lives and businesses easier. One of the most significant facets of technology that has been immensely revolutionized is communication. Gone are the times when we need to rely on physical resources just to send a message. Through the power of digital technology, everyone is now embracing an easier and more comfortable lifestyle.

But what if we can still take technology further than we imagine? Globe Telecom, Inc., Philippines? largest mobile operator, invited a very special keynote speaker from Essex, United Kingdom during their culmination of innovation month last August 2017. It was none other than industry thought leader, writer, speaker and TM Forum CEO Nik Willetts who shared insights about technology and digital transformation at the Globe Innovation Forum 2017.

For over 15 years now, Willetts has been passionate in exploring digital revolution and its impact to societies, lives and businesses. He was enlisted in Global Telecoms Business ?Top 40 under 40? as one of the most exciting leaders in the telecoms industry in 2013. His work as a Deputy CEO of TM Forum revolves around strategy, digital transformation and collaboration in the telecoms industry. His former positions at TM Forum include strategy, marketing, communications, global events and IT. Together with various companies in the TMT (technology, media, telecoms) market, he finds solutions through
collaborations that would entail digital success.

Part of the larger scope of the digital transformation includes growth business opportunities for partners, customer service improvement and connection of digital ecosystems. Merging the framework of digital transformation agenda with best practices will generate into smarter communities with better health, climate, finance and mobile industry, according to Nik Willets and TM Forum. Now, can we take technology beyond what we imagine? Yes, we can!