The World?s #1 Motivational Keynote Speaker on Digital Leadership, Eri Qualman flew from San Francisco, USA to be the keynote speaker at the brand launch of Troo (EastWest Ageas Life). Dubbed as the ?Digital Dale Carnegie? and the ?Tony Robbins of Tech?, his bestseller ?Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business? has become the benchmark book for social media marketing with almost $2.5 million copies sold worldwide. On a regular basis, when he?s not wearing his social media superhero attire, he teaches at Harvard University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Equalman focused on the importance of the digital domain in today?s era. Qualman engaged the crowd with tips and social media hacks from his Socialnomics book. He started with one of his famous ?Be Flawsome? mantra (turning flaws into ?flawsome?) and shared things to remember when doing or posting anything online. Other insights he shared in his talk included the power of networking, the importance of having a clean integrity and reputation online, and getting a firm destination in mind with a flexible path towards our goals. Equalman is truly this generation?s digital superhero. With his iconic bright green eyeglasses and his motivational superpowers, he saves people in the digital world, one digital stamp at a time.