Globe: Ralph Breaks the Internet

In line with Globe Postpaid?s campaign to promote Disney Life, it launched a block-screening activation for Disney?s Wreck-it-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet in November 24. 2018 at the Trinoma Cinema Lobby.

Along with the screening at 10:00AM, Globe Postpaid with Eventscape Manila, mounted an activation booth where kids can play and parents can subscribe to Disney Life in exchange of tickets to the movie.

The activation was geared to attract what we called our Wonder Families–those who simply want to enjoy movies and create wonderful family moments.

Globe Postpaid and Eventscape Manila were able to bring Disney Magic to life by creating a life-sized Web Portal that took our Wonder Families into the world of Wreck-it-Ralph where they played digital games that let them take home fun prizes.

Together, we delivered a unique Disney experience to Globe Subscribers and Disney fans while anchoring the effort on the 2nd installment of the movie, Wreck-it-Ralph.

Now, bonding over movies with kids is inevitably made easier with Globe Postpaid and Disney Life.