SM Megamall Celebrates Women?s Month

Women?s month is a special month of the year dedicated to women around the world of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. In the Philippines, SM Megamall took part of this annual celebration by creating a space that encourages women to fully embrace their femininity and diversity.

Last March 22, SM Megamall partnered with Eventscape Manila to mount an event where Filipinas can witness and experience Beauty Around the Globe. The event provided a venue for every #MegaGirl where they can be free to explore global looks they can wear so they can feel more confident.

The booths at the Mega Fashion Hall offered a wide range of global beauty products meant for every #MegaGirl where they can own their brand of beauty and be proud of it. The participants were given helpful tips by makeup influencers and other empowered women who embody what it means to be a #MegaGirl. Through the activities and program in the event, women were encouraged to bravely ?Face their Fierce? and explore the power of confidence and how far it can take them.

Through this event, SM Megamall was able to position itself as an institution that rallies behind women in owning their beauty and embracing their diversity.