Huawei P20 Launch

Project Description

April-May 2017 – NESTEA, the official drink of summer, refreshed beach lovers and three of the Philippine beaches this 2017 with their campaign, NESTEA Refresh The Beach #PlungeToPledge. In line with NESTEA beach events done in the past, this year’s campaign went further with doubled efforts in raising environmental awareness amongst its consumers. NESTEA #PlungeToPledge refreshed La Union, Puerto Galera, and Boracay’s beaches by raising and spreading environmental awareness in the digital scene. Along with this, partner university organizations and local environmental groups backed NESTEA’s pocket on-ground efforts across the metro. Responsible netizens and celebrities supported the campaign by pledging their love for their chosen beach, plunging with the iconic NESTEA plunge and posting their pledge videos on social media. This successful campaign was executed through efforts by NESTEA, Dentsu Jayme Syfu and Eventscape Manila.