Ralph Breaks the Internet

Project Description


In 2012, we went into the world of video games inside the arcade. We wrecked Niceland in Fix-it-Felix, crushed cy-bugs in Hero’s Duty, Raced through Mountains of candy in Sugar Rush and helped Vanellope become the princess that she was meant to be. This 2019, we left the arcade and let our wonder families experience inside the internet. Ralph and Vanellope as they embarked on an adventure and experienced the hunt in real life with Globe Postpaid and Disney Life!

Together, we CREATEd REAL MAGIC.

As Ralph broke the internet, we will entered THE WEB PORTAL--our gateway to the Internet Zone!

As part of the campaign to promote Disney Life, Globe Postpaid worked with Eventscape Manila to mount an activation with the theme, Wreck it Ralph 2 in time for its screening in the Philippines.