In Eventscape Manila?s first attempt to compete in an Above-the-Line dominated competition, we bagged the Bronze for the Professional Packaging Design Category in Adobo Design Competition?s 10th year run.

With the theme, THINK DESIGN THINK, anchored on using the power of design to improve lives and change the world, our girls, Eunise Rana and Mira Bautista, thought of an initiative dubbed as ?Papelinis?–hygienic products that come in soluble paper sheets designed to maintain the same accessibility of ?tingi? products without the waste.


With its environmental vision, the project proposed an ingenious solution in attempts to relieve the negative impact caused by ?tingi culture??majority of Filipino?s preference to purchase products packaged in sachets. Recognizing that this is more of a class issue that causes an environmental impact, Rana and Bautista created a design that would protect the environment from the waste generated by ?tingi culture? while maintaining its affordability.

Along with Rana and Bautista, Vince Gregorio and Teo Salita of our creative team also proposed a design in the Adobo Design Competition?s Open Category.

Their design entry, ?flower of life? was anchored on raising awareness that not all Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) have physical manifestations of what they are suffering from. Hence, the proposal to change the PWD icon, man on a wheelchair, into something more inclusive that will represent everyone in the spectrum.



Behind this win and our efforts is a testament to how creatives of our industry are also dedicated in coming up with innovative and purposeful designs that will improve the lives of many.

As for Eventscape Manila, our commitment has always been in creating amazing human experiences.